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  1. Hi, so who's buying or building your ics cords? I hate making them, yes i know it's a right of passage to do this and your worth is dictated by how well you build them. - my question gets down to how or what is your reference to build them, we have been building them the same for years, but it's not per the GE, since the TO shows a error, the white and black head set low wire gets flipped, then you get a sequel while using it. Yes we submitted a 22, but they made it worse. I order some from supply, and they do the same error while making them. I'm trying to fix all the little things that
  2. Found it.... Dam this was butt kicker of an issue. so we found that the VOR recivers connectors had one wire in a unused pin positon. the Little K and little J where swaped. This was not providing the proper ground for the processing of the signal. -we wern't looking for a missed wiring issue. It worked after all, we just had a small dead spot. we thought we had a bad grn or somthing dragging down the signal. Never thought someone previsly might have missed wired the acft. --So ask, when did someone rewire the connector? Looks like a long time ago. The wiring job is top noch, an
  3. Strange, I came here to ask for help, and found a different post with part of my question. --So we have a MC-130 with a vor issue. it's not working right. very long story short (day 10) both our vor 1 &2 cut out in 357 to 358 degrees range while turning the course knob on the hsi. the fail nav flag comes in view.--no it's not a loss of signal, and I've r/r receivers, flight director's computer, hsi,adi, bdh'si, Auto pilot processor, swapped out the whole nirp panel, and more. We've done a direct connect with the test set-so the antenna is eliminated as an possibility. We've disconnect
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question. Who's making your com-cords? We have MC-130 with that Noise reduction system. (no one is using) so my com-cords are a bit harder to make. Is anyone buying pre made one? or getting them straight from a vendor? I've been able to buys some that don't have the noise reduction connector installed. But since we have the system I'm trying to make sure we the capability to use the noise reduction if needed. If you don't know what I'm referring to when i say noise reduction, it's got an extra plug part at the end of the ics cord, which is power for the noise re
  5. those where the same ones I found, I should have said the year of our aircraft. we have MC-130P, 66... I'll take a photo of the sw block tomorrow.. I did look in the MC-130-4, but for the life of me can't find them. (there long, and have just the trim sw in front, and the mic sw in back, looks kinda like a peanut. We replaced them 10 years ago when we redid the yokes, i had extra ones, and someone threw them out for preparation for an inspection. I've look at the blocks, they don't have a part number on them.
  6. can somene point me in the right direction. I'm looking fr the IPB for pilots yoke mic sw blocks. the block that he mic sw and trim sw fit in. any help would be apricated.
  7. I\'m hope someone out there has a sling for a Nose random. We\'re currently getting the new apn 241 mod,(Low power radar) and we don\'t have a sling for mounting the nose. (no more apn 59 Has anyone ever used this, the T.o. Calls for using a dolly, or the sling. the dolly looks like a big bulky item. Really don\'t need anymore of those lying around the AGE yard. I know your going to ask, how did we hang it last time? Answer-- The wrong way. Not following tec data. It\'s kinda funny, we received our new nose for our MC, and everything looks good, when they hung it, they found out it
  8. Hello all, I\'m looking for a part number for cloth sleeving- I\'m referring to the covering used over wire bundles or harness to protect the wires. I have some plastic one\'s , but prefer the clothe. I think it has a better life span and is more flexible when used with test cables. any help would be appreciated. Thank you Jeremy
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