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  1. Retired Lockheed flight engineer Jerry Edwards passed away on May 2, 2019. He flew on many hundreds of C-130 production test flights as well as the first C-5A, C-5B, & C-130J flights. His skill at finding squawks on test flights contributed to delivery of trouble-free aircraft.
  2. I was told that a test was run, throwing a dummy out of the crew entry door, because they were afraid that if you ever used it in flight, you might hit the LH MLG pod. They were surprised when the dummy hit the RH MLG pod because the air swirls around the fuselage.
  3. Anyone here know anything about the "Bangkok Incident"? The guy who told me about it said that when he tried to casually ask an AF officer about it in the 1970's, the guy immediately clammed up. Loss of control with such violent gyrations that it was said all the propeller blade bearings were "shattered".
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