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  1. Hello Herky people, I want to know how to use exterior lightning on the ground (day/night),in flight(day/night) depending on weather condition. thanks
  2. I will try to do that next time, but what is the yellow box check, do you mean TD test set??
  3. Thanks to all of you, and we will contact Rolls Royce or any MRO facility to get the approval. Thanks Gentelmen.....
  4. Our aircraft was equipped with H model wings. In fact we have -15 engines to be installed on H model aircrafts but we dont have sufficent QEC for those engines. The most QEC we have are for -7 engines.
  5. Hello herky people; I want to know what is the difference between QEC mounted on -7B engines(B model) and those mounted on -15 engines(H model). Otherwise, what should be made to the QECs mounted on -7 engines to be compatible for -15 engines?
  6. Hello again, NULL start TIT is 800 deg same as in AUTO LSGI TIT is 665 deg and NGI TIT is 610 deg TIT before correction light out is 865 deg then correct back to 780 deg null orifice is set at two graduation below zero mark rich\lean check values are 975 deg with TD NULL then correct back to 890 deg when placing TD to AUTO.
  7. i know that but it is not comfortable as i see it all over the flight. for information fuel control was changed but the problem is the same. any idea what should i do?
  8. hello HERKY people, we have torque, fuel flow and TIT high bellow crossover which make throttle misalligned bellow crossover. i read some conversations about this issue that are concerned about null start vallue and rich\lean check. null start was not verified but rich\lean check shows 975 deg in null then correct back to 890 deg in auto( -7B engine). my question is this fuel control was shifted rich? if so, correction will be made from temperature compensating bellows at fuel control(CIT)?
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