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  1. KC-130T buno 313 and up, Having an issue where the CARA will lose altitude intermittently while in flight. Sometimes it will happen on takeoff or descent other times it will happen while cruising. (Aircrew will sometimes associate it with nav select switching but cannot be duplicated) CARA will fluctuate under 50 feet while airborne causing GPWS to go off for low altitude sometimes resetting the breaker will return it to normal other times if terrain changes it will return to normal on its own. Have replaced pilots indicator, CARA R/T and antennas but gripe still remains. Also I have shot the cables with a TDR and they seem normal. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. That was the exact problem. Thank you for the help.
  3. Swapped freq sensing relays to rule out a bad unit and during turns #2 would carry 35 percent of load according to load meter before gen out light and #4 was roughly the same maybe a little higher before gen out light. Will verify GFT wiring now. Thank you for the reply
  4. Hello all, Working on a KC-130T-30 and having an issue with the #2 and #4 generators holding a load. Replaced multiple components: #4 gen contactor, one of the bus tie contactors, #2/4 GCP, #4 voltage regulator. Generators will power on and give good freqs and voltages but when switched to on will not carry essential bus or a heavy load. Occasionally we can get either to pick up a bus or remove applied loads and slowly turn items on till the gen out light illuminates and freq and volts are zero. Have verified wire continuity and voltages while gen is operating normally everything checks good. When gen is in a failed state the normal voltage at the voltage regulator pin F should read 5~13 volts DC will read 100+VDC. All systems function normally with gen #1, #3 and APU supplying power. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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