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  1. I’m looking for anything in t.o. Pertaining to hot brakes. Something with a guide to symptoms. I have a brake that operates fine and looks fine but had the tires thermal plugs blow. Did a little digging and didn’t see anything in the book.  -6 just says to visually inspect. Is that all there is? 

    Thanks guys!

  2. 15 minutes ago, hehe said:

    The struts are a time change item so you don't change the fluid out, the entire strut gets replaced.

    Short of moisture in the hydraulic fluid and it not meeting the water content limits, the fluid doesn't really break down in struts like it does in the system.

    Sometimes you can drain a reservoir and the fluid is visibly darker or dirty looking.  Struts, in my experience, don't really have this same problem because there aren't moving parts in the strut short of o-rings.  The fluid doesnt really come in contact with wear items like an engine pump or motor produces for example.

    This is just my opinion since I've drained a lot of struts and never really came across one with dirty fluid.

    Exactly my thoughts. Thanks for the response. Was trying to be forced on us. Just wanted more input. 

  3. On 8/21/2021 at 4:55 PM, tinyclark said:

    I remember we had a hydromite at Moody and Ramstein, but don't remember periodic draining. There's nothing in the old 130A-06 that says anything about it. Of course, I was the avionics guy.

    Good to know. Thanks for the response. It was brought up to us and was being forced to switch back to the hydromite ways.   Thanks to the 06 we don’t need to do it. 

  4. I have a plane that when doing engine runs 1 and 2 shut down normally and pressure bleeds down immediately. But booster side 3 and 4 i need to move flight controls in order to bleed it down. Any experiences with this for any of you? I thought maybe transmitter but pressure stays until flight controls depressurized it upon moving them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. 

  5. What could be causing a slow moving utility gauge. Pressure reads fine on aux pump, normal and emergency gauge. Just utility gauge shows hesitation. Transmitter and gauge have been replaced. Could it be the util accumulator? Thanks for the help. 

  6. Thanks for the replies guys. It is a 92 h model. Since my post I have replaced normal selector valve, utility accumulator and ground test valve. Still having issues. Looking into emergency selector valve and shuttle valve  During flight of 8 hours its transferring 2 quarts from aux to utility. 

  7. Question for you guys. I have a c130h transferring fluid from the aux system to the utility system. Ive replaced the Ground test valve and the utility system accumulator (which had a leak internally). Neither of those parts solved it and it is still happening. Thoughts on where to go from here? 

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