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  1. I know I don't have a copy of the video, but I might still have a hard copy of the briefing slides buried in a box somewhere. You could try the Air Force Safety Center at Kirtland or the AMC Flight Safety Office at Scott for the video. The C-130 SPD at W-R might be another possibility. I don't know how long the a/c stayed afloat, but it had to be sunk by gunfire from a USCG cutter. The tanks were not empty, but not far from it, either. The Columbian BG who put it in the water, a former PBY pilot by the way, knew he had to ditch while he still had power. They also jettisoned a cargo bay full of Mirage parts just prior to ditching.
  2. Curious if any of you remember the ASC engineering team (me and a young captain) who went around the world giving a briefing on this ditching? We also did a video of the briefing some of you might have seen. I was told the briefing was still being shown well into the late 90s.
  3. Hi folks. Looking to verify something I was told recently about SEA vintage C-130s. Was it possible to lower the ramp/open the cargo doors in flight from the flight deck? If so, would that have been done by one of the pilots or the FE? Thanks
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