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  1. Still waiting on my side, how to rig that feather lever . when I get news Ill let you guys know. serge
  2. when we receive the engine, it in a container and we assemble it in the nacelle for the herc. The condition transfer bracket is not installed, we installed it . Our third line of maintenance is provided by a contractor, they built and run the engine on a test stand so they probably dont use that lever. that feather lever is all ready install when we get the engine. In the past I never had that problem. Since there is no master spline someone must install the lever in a specific way because all the other lever or on top of it. My feeling is the lever is off by few teeth from the contractor. I dont have the procedure to initially install the lever.
  3. Hi all! On the coordinator there are 3 levers attach to the shaft, I am not talking the side where the scale is. 2 are master spline, the fuel cut off and throttle lever. No problem there. The feather lever can be spline any where. Our book tell us to put the scribe line etch (hand made) on the lever with another mark on the shaft, then have your feather link with a initial measurement of 4 1/2 inch. my problem his that with that initial set up the paper check already fail, the stopper his done by the coordinator and I have no play to adjust at the valve housing to pin feather, I am wandering if the coordinator is set for a different application like CP-140 for that lever.
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