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  1. We still have yet to be able to duplicate the problem on the ground. Heck, the problem doesn\'t even occur every flight. It has now flown 4 times in a row with no problems..... I wish I could give you a vivid picture of what is happening, getting a good debrief from the flight crew isn\'t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. We have started handing the NAV a detailed questionare to describe the problem with troubleshooting procedures. I\'ll keep you posted if I learn more from them....
  2. Thanks guys for the responses. I actually just made up a questionnaire to give to the Nav so we can get some more insight on when the problem happens, whether or not the heading flash still occurs to see if the antenna itself is actually not rotating and what position the bearing switch is in(Stab or Relative). Our crews usually don’t fly with the Pilot Radar scope in (they fly with the SKE scope installed), but we are trying to get them to fly with it installed to help us troubleshoot. Any further ideas of what to try or what to look for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-Dennis
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