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  1. Does anyone know of the particulars involving the crash of a 130 on Guam around '74 or '76? I once heard some bizzare stories that the pilot's were flying a local around the island with some civilian flight attendents aboard, and that the FE and Nav refused to be onboard the aircraft. Any truth to this?


  2. My real name is Pat McGroin!

    Now I wonder if the person who used to refer to himself as "Loren Cooper" will oblige us with his real identity (I have my suspicions).

  3. I remember back in '88 or so, there was an SP at the RAF Lakenheath main gate that was waving traffic through while "break dancing" through his routine. Amusing, but still ridiculous and a quick way for a commander to get his ass chewed.

    Now the ZZ Top mode for turn-around.......cool! I would have loved to have seen that. Especially during the tumultuous operations during Shield/Storm; there were a lot of times in those day's when a smile and/or a good laugh was worth a thousand words.


  4. Hiya' US Herk,

    Hope all is well is well in "Jolly Ole' England" mate!

    I have it from a very reliable source that the "eight blades" will be on the Gunship's.......as to when, well time will tell I guess.

    Have a pint or three for me,


  5. Man they screwed me, they were supposed to drop that off at my place!! Not Tulsa:D


    Man that would be the ultimate home improvement project! I would have the flight deck as my study, the galley would be a wet bar, and the remainder of the Herk would serve as my work shop. Maybe someday, huh?


  6. You mean Tony friggin "someone should late term abortion me" Emond?

    God that's proof that some people can live WITHOUT a brain, someone ought to do that worthless dork a favor and reach down his throat and geld him!!


    Ha! Ha! I still laugh my ass off whenever I think about the "pre-billeting" briefing you gave "The Wedge" before checking into your assigned room. Then in the middle of the night he comes into the room with his latest love trophy. It's a wonder you didn't slice and dice him right there on the spot!


    P.S. I sometines wonder if this neanderthal isn't the old troll "Loren Cooper".

  7. I threw this out a few years ago, and it's one of my favorites:

    This is for the young buck's out there to keep the story living.

    A C-130 load get's into an altercation with a jump master.......heated exchanges, and the load gets a sick-sack plowed into his face right before the jump master exits the Herk. The result....the load is pissed and JUMPS AFTER HIM! From what the O-Club stories say, the Load is really into a whacko fit on the DZ and a lot of paratroopers are bewildered.

    Does anyone remember this incident?


  8. Yaking on the cellular with one hand and saluting with the other, huh? Pathetic! What's even worse is that theres probably cell phones ringing during briefings, formations, ceremonies, counselings, appointments, fornications, etc....

    I'm all for cellular technology, but MILITARY BEARING shall always be first and foremost.


    BTW: I just love seeing police officers talking on their cell phones, especially when driving......now that's really professional!

  9. Wow! To be able to own a Herk! Talk about having dollar signs in my eye's! But then again, I better stick to NASCAR stores, pre-owned pickup truck lot's, and my marriage.


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