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  1. I\'ve not seen the Wall in DC but a few years ago I saw the mobile version at the VFW in Soldotna. It was still a very moving experience.
  2. With the higher speeds is that when the 3-bladed props started slinging blades?
  3. Another thought/question. Are all 19 guys the mission crew, or just the squadron group photo?
  4. Looks like a camera lens or something similar just barely visible in the forward of the 2 large windows. Could this have been used as a RC bird. With the windows that far up kind of doubt if they had guns shooting out there. But you never know.
  5. What I find satisfying is that Gen. Tibbets said that he never lost a nights sleep over the destruction and deaths caused by the bomb. They were at war and he did what had to be done. Take the lives of your enemy so you can save yours. Not an exact quote but the jist of the words. Too bad we don\'t have any of these kind of generals anymore. Guess we lost them all after WWII. Sure could have used some in VN, and on. Has anyone seen the video of \"Gen Patton\" being interviewed by Imus? I think it\'s great.
  6. It\'s been many years now, but the rig used to catch the satellites \"rolled back\" to the ramp area. There was a winch assembly floor-mounted just aft of 245. A cable went from the winch drum, through the rig. There were long poles, 27\'(?), that were mounted on the outboard sides that the harness/hook assembly was connected to. These poles were lowered and and the harness was spread out. The chute was grabbed by the harness and pulled away from the poles and went into trail. The winch brake slowed the cable payout until it stopped and then the assembly was reeled in. Once we had an incident where the brake clamped down way tooooo fast. Was an interesting flight after that for Randy and crew. The rails on cargo door were for the ODS system.
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