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  1. Had an identical problem very recently. Flt computer or amplifier if it is both sides. Problem solved by finding elevator trim tab problem. No lubrication for years causing very slow tab operation from autopilot command. If its not electrical maybe trim tab rigging or elevator trim relays.

  2. Hi Guy's.

    Trev in Sana'a is now Trev in the Uk after escaping the country last week after a very exciting last year there. Sorry I've not kept in touch the last year but electricity and Internet were only available for about an hour a day. Looking for work anywhere so if anybody has anything pls drop me a line. A word of warning gents. Aston Aviation of Singapore dumped me there during the worst of the fighting in Sana'a with no salary, unpaid bonuses or even a ticket home. Had to sign on to fly with the Air Force to earn the cash to get home.

    Best Rgds,


  3. Yeah, thanks guys. I wasn't flying that day. I was on local leave celebrating my wedding anniversary. Some present. Came home in tears but thank god the bird stood up well and there were no injuries. She was landing with no.3 shut down. This is not a maintenance or mechanical issue. Enough said?

  4. Still alive guys. Investigation ongoing so can't say a lot. 70-ADD departed the runway shortly after landing, hit a drainage ditch and his heavily damaged. Don't think she will fly again.

  5. C'mon Flt Eng's and loadmasters. Give me an idea. I thought we were pushing the limit today. 12T of freight and 100 plus pax. (Full Fuel, No externals). Mountains and then overwater flight. Beautiful flying but the pilots and engineers were fighting about the weight. Loadmaster " She will take off". 3 engines? No way. No worries, trust your herc.

  6. Hi Doughy, Glad to see your still around. Where are you working now? Yeah, putting all that engine knowledge you taught me to good use now. Nobody to give rgds to, just me and the family here in Yemen.

    Got a whole Herk to look after and maybe another one to overhaul in country. Makes our days in Oman look like a walk in the park.

  7. Looking for the part number for the vacuum guage for troubleshooting pressurization problems and a supplier for the LT-27 rear lord mount wear guage, (My supplier says they are out of production because of no requirement).

    I'm also looking to purchase a fuel nozzle test rig for the C-130. Any information on part numbers and suppliers will be most appreciated.

    Many Thanks.

  8. Got a problem with an engine recently back from overhaul giving fumes through the a/c at take off power. This only happens on take off or touch and goes, i cannot reproduce the fault with a full power ground run. There is no oil leaks on the engine and it is not consuming oil. I suspect a faulty spray pattern from a secondary fuel nozzle but i can't change the fuel nozzles at the moment because the customer only has 5 spare and no test facility. When i was asked why a fuel nozzle can cause this problem because it is downstream of the compressor and bleed valve i had to admit i don't why but it happens. Also the tech manual says to replace the nozzles. Can anybody give me an explanation for this or a tech manual reference why a fuel nozzle can give fumes?

    Write up of the week: Can i pls check out the accelerometer on the Pilot's instrument panel because it keeps reading 1 and will not go to zero when the reset button is pressed!

  9. No, I really meant thanks. I am stuck in the supply side of 130's right now, and it is the ex/future (will be joining the Savannah ANG soon!) engine troop in me that really enjoys digging through the T.O.'s to find this stuff.

    Anyways, the oil pipe part number is 6843446, national stock number 4710-00-015-2218.


    Once again, many thanks. I owe you a cold one.

  10. Any reason why lockheed havn't come up with a fix for this known problem? We have also being asking for years for a permanent fix for the doppler panel. Changing the paneloc fasteners when enough have gone bad takes a long time and keeps the aircraft out of service for a few days. A real pain when the doppler has been removed.

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