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    Pilot - CCK Feb 1969- Aug 1970
    345th TAS
    Pope AFB - 1970-73
    778th TAS / 40th TAS

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  1. When I took my Aircraft Commander upgrade flight at CCK in 1970 I had to demonstrate my knowledge of both the "stick" and the Form F - quite a lesson in humility and appreciation for what the FE and Load did. Had to do it again as part of my in-country check-flight. Probably never did either again.
  2. CCK Feb 69 - Aug 70 - Col Stoddard was the 345th Squadron Commander at the time.
  3. If he was there in '68, then he came back in '69 when I was there. I cannot remember how many of us were involved but the mission for the day of the show was to fly to various parts of Taiwan (we may have gone over to Kadena as well) "collecting" military personnel and flying them back to CCK for the show - and then returning them when the show as over. My flight orders required me to bring them to the show but the scheduling officer neglected to include that my crew and I were to return them after the show. Part of the after the show base festivities included some libations for everyone, which allowed me to invoke the "24 hours from bottle to throttle" reprieve when I got the irate phone call from the scheduling officer wanting to know where my crew and I were since our passengers were now eager to return home. I never did find out how they made it. All I know is that I was quickly sent back to Vietnam for another 24 day shuttle.
  4. The 3 C130 Squadrons that were there when I was there (\'69-70) did. If I could print my slides and then learn how to post, I\'d share.
  5. I remember a post to one of the C130 boards a couple of years ago by someone who was building model C130\'s. If my memory is correct (which it probably isn\'t), one of the pictures of his model looked very much like this one. Taken from the right angle, a scale model can be made to look like the real thing. Maybe someone else can remember the model builder of a few years ago.
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