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Rudder deflection issue

Sarah Queer

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We are currently battling a rudder boost deflection issue on the booster system when in full rudder booster (flaps extended to 50%). During operation of the rudder, pressure deflects down to 2750ish but does recover to 2900. Crew says it must stay in range the whole time. We have changed diverter valve, transmitter, gauge, check valve, and even swapped the snubbers to utility (that shows no deflection) and the problem does not follow. When elevator is pulled off the stops, the deflection only goes from 2900 to 2800 but crew still refuses the aircraft.  The aircraft is an 88 H2 model. Thoughts anyone? Boost pack - rudder, elevator, anything else??? Thanks

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While the elevator is sitting on the stop it will bypass pressure (there is an internal bypass) this is discussed in Normal Procedures (engine starting pressures as low as 2550 with elevator on the stop)

In you description is the deflection with both pumps on?

With only one of the pumps on?

With both pumps selected as the sole source of hyd power?  



With the elevator on the stop: Start #3 and see what the pressure is at LSGI and then HSGI move the elevator off the stop and see what the pressure does.

Move the rudder and see what the deflection is turn off #3 pump.

Start #4 and repeat.

Let us know what you see

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