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what is LS spec


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i am structure repair man

i have any question so i write this post

i knew LS4211 when i read SRM

i shall make repair member with above material

what is LS4211?(it is same 2024-T4?)

what is LS spec?

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LS4211 is the LMCO part number for raw stock extrusion.  It could be an L angle, T angle, round stock etc.  For example, the crew door longeron (runs for to aft at the top of the crew door frame) has an LS #.  That equates to the stock...actually an L angle, 1 1/2" by 3" with the 3" side being tapered from .125" to .060" and 12' long or something like that.  Far more easier to order the LS material than to try and locally fabricate. 

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