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minus 1430lbs


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I think TO has stated that the outside fuel tank has 500~1000lbs more fuel than the inside fuel tank, but the best is 715lbs, and the two add up to 1430lbs, so there is an explanation in the example of turning backwards. If the amount is minus -1430lbs, the answer is greater than the total oil amount of the inner fuel tank. Then use the original outer total oil amount to enter the table. If it is less than the total oil amount of the inner fuel tank, then subtract -1430lbs. Go to the form. For example: outside fuel 12000lbs inside fuel 10000lbs or 11000lbs 1.12000-1430=1057010000→Use 12000 to enter the form 2.12000-1430=10570<11500→Use 10570 to enter the form




例如:外側燃油12000lbs 內側燃油10000lbs or  11000lbs





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