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Landing gear issue

Kamrul Ahsan

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Peace be upon you

hello brothers of C-130 family


I am working on C-130B ac. We are having a problem in the landing gear system. The problem nature is described below:


Problem: Our right landing gear retraction and extraction time varies significantly in each operation. A few days retraction time (up time) were fol in each sorties

1st= 15sec

2nd= 17sec

3rd= 19 sec

4th = 24 sec

5th = 21 sec

in all the above case nose timing was approx 13 sec and left took 16 sec approx. There is no significant change in the left and nose landing gear. However no significant delays in right landing gear and approx time is 17-18 sec whereas left landing gear took approx 17 sec each time.


afterthat we jackup the aircraft and change its hydraulic motor. After that for first two sortie it was 17 and 19 sec and again went to 20 sec which crossed the threshold. We checked following as att picture and also took reference from left landing gear. Now the timing varies randomly but remains within range. It is to be mentioned here that we have a leakage in between 2-speed gearbox and hydraulic motor which is aprrox 1drop per 3seconds. Now, Is it possible to have the delay because of that leakage? Based on the works as att picture, what other things we can check? What may be the probable cause? 

your expertise may help me to solve the problem. Looking forward for your expert suggestions. 

Thank you in advance.


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Verify that your flow regulators are regulated flow away from the motor on both extend and retract side.  

I would probably lean toward changing the flow regulators or bench checking them (if you have that capability.

You could always swap a suspect part from left to right gear to verify.

Any time you have timing issues, you would want to eliminate any type of leaks in the system.

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