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D&D Enterprises, LLC (07KQ5) recently acquired HC-130H C/N 4931, USCG Registration 1790.   If anyone knows of possible interested parties, send me an e-mail at [email protected].

We can offer it as is or with a fresh PDM, OVH engines and props, etc. 

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Aircraft Company
Aircraft Model Mil:  HC-130H (Search and Rescue + Cargo)

Aircraft Model Civ: 382C-22E
Initial Delivery:  July 1893
Aircraft Serial Number: Lockheed Construction Number 4931
Aircraft Registration: TBD
Airframe Total Time: Approx 35,000 hrs (estimated)
Replacement Center Wing Box Total Time: 18,590   CWB EBH: 14,895  EBH REM: 30,105
Replacement O
uter Wing (Mfg 2009-2010 MEP) Total Time:  5921 Hrs. EBH: 11,404 EBH REM: 63,596
Airframe Severity factor: TBD
Operated by US Coast Guard (Reg. # 1790) as long range Search and Rescue platform.


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