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List of Best Sellers


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List of Best Sellers:
House Construction
by Bill Jerome Home
Yellow River
by Iam Ping
Lewis Carroll
by Alison Wonderland
Leo Tolstoy
by Warren Peace
The L. A. Lakers Breakfast
by Kareem O' Wheat
Why Cars Stop
by M. T. Tank
Wind in the Willows
by Russell Ingleaves
Look Younger
by Fay Slift
Mountain Climbing
by Andover Hand
It's Springtime!
by Theresa Green
by Kurt Reply
And Shut Up!
by Sid Downe
40 Yards to the Latrine
by Willy Makeit and Betty Wont
Glass Bikini
by Seymore Skynn
The French Chef
by Sue Flay
Tight Situation
by Leah Tard
by Anita Job
Off to Market
by Tobias A. Pigg
I Lived in Detroit
by Helen Earth
Inflammation, Please
by Arthur Itis
Handel's Messiah
by Ollie Luyah
by Wayne Dwops
by Ima Dubble
Irish Flooring
by Lynn O'Leum
Holmes Does it Again
by Scott Linyard
Home Alone IV
by Eddie Buddyhome
Neither a Borrower
by Nora Lender Bee
The Scent of a Man
by Jim Nasium
Is O. J. Guilty?
by Howard I. Know
Animal Illnesses
by Ann Thrax
French Overpopulation
by Francis Crowded
Fallen Underwear
by Lucy Lastic
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