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Herkys at ORD


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Anyone on here that was in the AF reserve unit at O\'Hare back in the late 70\'s? I was in the 928th MAPF at that time. We were over in the old, black alert hangars.

What I need to know is can someone shed some light on the older Herks that were there? I know that one did not have the radome and I was told that it was the first one delivered to the AF.

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The 53 and 54 model Herks had Romn noses.

I know that 56-0522,55-0006, and 56-0519 were at OHare and they were involved in the A Models that went to SVAF, thet were not Romn noses.

Lars Olausson\'s book says 53-3132 and 54-1634 were at ORD in 77 and 54-1636 was there from 78-88.54-1638 from 78 to 79.These all were Roman noses, 53-3132 was the second serial number of USAF A\'s. 53-3129 \"The First Lady\" was first. 3130 was a test article. As to actual delivery dates it seems that 53-3133 may have been the first delivered in Jan 56, but I am not sure on that one.


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