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The cold Singha beer at James Jewelers.

San Mig with the fired-on label.

Taiwan beer (binjo water).

\"I love you no sh**t, GI!\"

\"You numba one, GI!\"

\"You numba ten, GI!\" (Could be spoken in the same breath with previous sentence)

Flying in AUX VENT on the 2230 block \"body snatcher.\"

K-K-K-K-Katy\'s just outside Tan Son Nhut.

The \"Massatwosh**ts\"

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Taking the ferries to Cebu from Mactan.

Drinking at the Blue Diamond.

Eating at the rooftop restaurant of the White Gold.

Slapsie Maxie #1 and #2.

Unloading the bladder bird at various locations.

Easter morning\'66 at Qui Nhon watching the A1 people painting the bombs on the planes like Easter eggs.

The passenger runs hauling Viet Namese civillians.

Plads drops at the special forces camps.

Tuy Hoa when it was a PSP strip.

The smell of the empty aircraft.

The air evac trips back to Clark, then cargo and mail to Mactan, made it a long day.

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Export 33 - baugh me baugh

Merlin Hotel TSN

Bluebird Bar TSN

B Street KDE?

Plantation Road TSN

Grenade Screens on the bus windows TSN

Cowboys on Hondas

Thai NCO Club UTP

Landing through the tracers on New Years Eve

Speed Offloads - no ramps

KIA Runs - that smell

Form F under a rock at Kaison

Signing window of the paratroop door

An Loc low levels

[img size=300]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/buddah.jpg

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Bar-b-ques on the roof of the Merlin

Tawainese guard manning the machine gun going into the Merlin

Trying to find the fastest cyc-a-lo(sp) at the USO to get a good ride through Saigon

Going to the movies at TSN and trying to hear over the choppers coming in and out

Koolade to cover up the bleach taste of ice and water we had to drink

Great tasting subs the nav would go get before we back out of our parking place at TSN

Nice cold beer with a slight rusty taste at the end of the day!

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