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  1. This may stir some memories. It did for me. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll=13.432367%2C107.424316&msa=0&spn=12.457797%2C21.643066&mid=zQJPAeunyYc4.koiZlsflHgOg
  2. The Bird in Hand is close, good inexpensive rooms, decent food and bar, andit has rental cars
  3. Still have my Bird in Hand T-shirt.
  4. 10% hearing - 10 % tinnitus over 7500 hours flying
  5. We were 18 hours into a 12 hour crew day in Dec 65. Landing at Tuy Hoa South, before the hard surface runway was built, we all fell asleep. It was the middle of the night and there were only 3 fires to mark the psp runway. We landed about 2500 feet short in a paddy, bounced over a railroad embankment and got stopped on the runway. We tore out the Korean's barbed wire fence which was wrapped around the gear. No damage to the plane.
  6. How did you get your VSM with stars? Did you get them recently or were you awarded them years ago?
  7. Remember before they fixed the "B" model fire warning system the fire warning lights would illuminate when the aircraft was climbing towards the sun?
  8. Sam, Some of us left Langely in November 65. First to Clark and then to Mactan. Our crew was shuttteling between Tuy Hoa South and Phang Rang and Nha Trang Hauling in army artillery and some troops that night. There were only 3 bonfires marking one side of the dirt runway. Well past the end of our 12 hour crew duty day we hit way short of the runway and tore out the Korean marines perimiter wire. No damage to the aircraft but a lot of wire was wrapped around the gear and doors. Tuy Hoa South became Tuy Hoa.
  9. Much better per diem in Germany. Desert = sand, cactus, snakes Germany = Beer, Broads and Bratwurst. Take Germany and see Europe!
  10. One of the best rides the troops liked was the R&R flights to Bangkok. The one they disliked was the one back to RVN.
  11. I'll bet the drone pilots "office" doesn't smell like a plane did after hauling kia's who had been in the field for several days.
  12. Not only the beer was good but do any remember Thai Heaven? Must have been about 200 tourist guides there :-))
  13. Seen This? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=543119865721169&l=817f6711df
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