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    Julian "Gus"
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    Born in Georgia, Married with 2 Children, 8 Grandchildren
    Served in the USAF 4/1963 - 4/1967. Stationed at Pope AFB,NC. Originally assigned to the 464 TCW- OMS, Periodic MTC. April 1965 went to Kadena Okinawa (Of all thing on a C124.)
    In 1965 was reassigned to the 778th TCS as Crewchief on the C130E. Crewed several different Acft. 63-7766,7768,7770. Late 65 went to Mactan TDY, from there went to Bangkok Thailand, Vung Tau, S. Viet Nam. Flew all over South Viet Nam. Later I went to Ft. Lamy, Chad.

    After the Airforce I worked for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta for 28+ years, Retired in 1995.

    Divide my time living in Georgia and (LA) Lower Alabama.
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  1. The VA has extended areas of A/O use to Thailand also. Go for my A/O exam 3/16/16 Gus
  2. I remember the Singah beer, Green Bottles, always ate steamed rice during the day. Some played cribbage. Do you remember the WhyNot? Gus
  3. For all who were in Bangkok from 65-66. How many remember the Federal Hotel? In Dec 1965 I was there and staying around the Hotel the days we didn't fly we spent all day at the pool. Some would jump from the top of the Hotel into the pool. Jumping from the side into the pool was referred to as TAC Ledge, then the PACAF guys came in and jumped from the end over the diving board (very close to hitting it) referred to it as PACAF Ledge. I know we were young and dumb. One day our Capt noticed that someone had placed a teakwood boat just outside of the pool. WE all got together and put it over the fence, to check out and make sure it floated. This went on for about an hour, when the Capt that owned the boat came in hunting it. He asked us if we knew where his boat was. Our Capt. told him yes, and that it would float very good until the 15th person got in then it sank. He said where is it. Capt said in the bottom of the pool and we all laughed. But was not funny to the other Capt. He got his boat out and hid it. If you was there during this time you probably had a good laugh also. Just an old memory from the past. Gus
  4. http://www.c-130hercules.net/ Friends from Tech School - Amarillo June 1963 Left to Right: Charles McAfee, Slyvestri, Me, Ballard, Lott If anyone recognizes one of theses men, Please respond to me. Charles McAfee went to Langley 463rd. Thanks Gus
  5. Looking forward to finding your newbook. I enjoyed the Trash Haulers. Sam remember Pope. I think it changed a lot of lifes. Remember Acft 63-7797, Crashed in France I believe in March 1965.
  6. I was very fortunate. Most of the Crews I flewwith the LM & FM stayed around to help. I flew a good bit in SEA with the same crew. When at Bangkok we usually partied pool side. I enjoyed being a CC. I also would not trade it for anything.
  7. Did you ever know a guy stationed at Langley named Charles McAfee? I went to Tech school with him. He got assigned to 463rd andI went to the 464th. If you have any info I'd be very grateful. I have tried to located him for many years. Last time I saw him both of us were at Clark Field. His A/C had been damaged and they were repaingit there. I was in Mactan Nov 65 - Feb 66 with 778th TCS. Thanks for any info. Fellow Trash Hauler Crew Chief. Gus
  8. Gus Adams I have had the same experience about unable to get information about ever being in Viet Nam. Spent Christmas 1965 and New Years Day 1966 there. Crewing A/C 63-7768 staying in Vung Tau. If you get any info on where to get any info about old flight records of A/C would appreciate it if you'd let me know. I was Stationed at Pope from Oct 1963 - April 1967, Originally assigned to 464th OMS, Periodic, Transferred to 778th TCS in 1965 as Crew Chief.
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