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  1. Sssssssst......BOOM!!! A Four Star Tool; Generally Speaking by Rich Carroll I have removed the article due to it\'s potential to offend other board members and visitors. --Casey
  2. Didn\'t the Colombians prove that what the -1 said about ditching a Herk was true? It sunk to the tops of the wings and floated. I heard they had to send a CG cutter out to \"shoot it down.\" It was a hazard to nautical navigation. From the story, it was a hazard to aeronautical navigation before it ditched.
  3. That proves my theory. McPeak was actually the scarecrow in \"The Wizard of Oz.\" He still doesn\'t have a brain.
  4. That\'s the one! Wing CC, CV, DO, and 50th CC lost their jobs over that one. The AC already had orders and PCS\'d to another command before the roof fell. The CP, FE, N, and LM were all downgraded to UNQ. The CP was telling the AC to get him to pull up to the MDA. He finally tried to take control but too late.
  5. At \"The Rock\" back in the mid 70s, we had a Herk that hit a bird while the bird was sitting in a tree. ;)
  6. I was at the 5-sided puzzle palace in the early 80s. The Hill wouldn\'t allow us to buy anything that wasn\'t made in the US, no matter if we could get a better/cheaper product. Now the \"global economy\" instituted by Bush 41/Clinton dictates our purchases. The Airbus tactic to weasel into the airplane market is their \"give away/throw away\" airframes. I wonder what\'ll happen when AF needs lots of spare parts really quick for the new tankers. Can you say \"delays, delays, delays\" and \"pay thru the nose?\"
  7. Let\'s see. Mobile.....not all that far from Mexico, is it.
  8. Sounds like AF is running scared after they tried to do the under-the-table lease deal with Boeing for the 767 tanker a few years back. Airbus threatened to go to court, AF found some shaky dealings between Boeing and a super-grade civil servant, and canceled the deal. Now it sounds like \"make nice\" time to the French now that Sarkozy is in charge over there. The A-330 is a nice airplane if you like airplanes driven by five computers that can\'t be over-ridden. You\'d probably never need to exceed the programmed aircraft operating parameters; however, even if you needed to in a severe emergency situation, the computers won\'t allow it. Bad deal for the US. If it ain\'t Boeing, I ain\'t going.
  9. You can order several of their CDs off the website. I believe they\'ll run you about $30 each with shipping. On the Vietnam CD, there\'s also a tribute to Korean vets, and there\'s one for all vets. Good stuff! It\'s the one I ordered and have used it at a memorial service.
  10. Hey DC10FE, at American, they called us Flight Engineers, not second officers, because that was our job. Took me three years to move out of the \"plumber\'s\" seat to the right seat, and I had to move to the MD80 where the FO had a real job to do that. I spent 11 years in the A/B/E/H model and always had the utmost regard for the FEs I flew with, but nothing made me appreciate them more than doing the job myself. Crash
  11. Perhaps a new \"ContraAir\" from \"Ollie\'s Airlift, Inc.\"
  12. Was anybody at LRF when they found the airman no-stripe washing out the jugs with 100% bleach, not rinsing them, and then filling them with coffee/water? Sure made the coffee taste bad/worse/all the above. Then there was the crew chief who used his airplane\'s jugs to drain hydraulic fluid into:blink: . Something you really didn\'t need on those South America \"around the horn\" trips. Not enough Lomotil made to overcome a good dose of Skydrol.:blink:
  13. Casey, I don\'t have a larger image. I went to Google Images and asked for C-130 Christmas. That one happened to pop up. I tried to enlarge it but I ain\'t that good with a computer. Mike
  14. Looks like he found a new ride. [img size=217]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/c130_santa.jpg
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