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  1. I am a civilian and never worked on a C-130. I have an interesting concept for a new cargo pallet - where we can offload the equivalent of 5 pallets at one time - good for quick offload. Who in the hell do I talk to to see if the design works well and how do I sell it to the DoD?
  2. The galley ones as far as I know. These are 2-3 gallon versions with a spigot in front.
  3. Our company represents Mansfield Aircraft Products - one of the suppliers of the hot beverage jugs for the C-130 galley. The other manufacturer is BE Industries. We sell these jugs to the GSA and are having difficulty figuring out how you guys get them in the field. Do you order from GSA direct? We also repair the existing units even though they semm to be expendable in the NSN system.
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