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  1. Just about guarantee that whatever fields they land on it won't be the first time a Herk was there!
  2. I always rigged seat belts to the big pole right behind the left troop door. It was behind the cargo and I could see the wings from there. Better to be facing forward than sideways on a hard landing. It put you close to the ramp controls too. If it was a speed off-load, you could be ready to roll the load off before you got to the turn around area at the end of the runway. They gonna put a \"Reserved for LM\" sign on it to keep the pax out of it?
  3. Just some pictures I took in Oct-08 of 53-3129 sitting in front of the Armament Museum at Elgin. [img ]http://www.tanwater.com/temp2/leather%20032.jpg [img ]http://www.tanwater.com/temp2/leather%20035.jpg
  4. May or may not be the same project. Just read about a 40,000 pound COIL laser in Popular Science. Found a link on some of the Boeing PDFs and posted it. Weight information is way off. It could be a different project. http://herkybirds.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=26&func=view&id=1965&catid=2
  5. http://www.boeing.com/news/frontiers/archive/2007/june/i_ids04.pdf PDF from Boeing explains the project in detail. On page 60 of the April, 2008 edition of Popular Science magazine an article lays out the basic details of the project that Boeing is working on at Kirtland AFB. A 40,000 pound (COIL) chemical oxygen-iodine laser is being mounted in the cargo compartment of a C-130. The project is still in the experimental stages. When it is operational the laser packing C-130 will, no doubt, be the world\'s deadliest gunship. It is expected the laser gunship will be able to fire a computer guided, stabilized laser beam 17 inches in diameter from an altitude of 10,000 feet at targets up to 5 miles away. The beam can only fire for a few seconds at the time, but heats anything in its path to thousands of degrees. The prototype should fly this year and is expected to be capable of melting a 17 inch hole through a tank from 5 miles away. Grab the April Popular Science or click the link above to check it out.
  6. The 776 Tactical Airlift Squadron 2008 Reunion will be held Memorial Day weekend in \'Howie In The Hills\', Florida. You can request further information by emailing 776load @ tanwater.com .....Take out the spaces in the email address. That\'s just to fool the web spiders. All former members of 776 TAS are invited to attend!
  7. :( In April of 71 I was in the place the protesters were protesting about.
  8. Military Services Prepare for change over to Hillary as Commander in Chief! [img size=150][img size=150][img size=150][img size=150][img size=150] [img size=150]
  9. Take a look through these lists and see if anything rings a bell; http://members.aol.com/samc130/books.html http://www.spectrumwd.com/c130/book/index.htm
  10. Dan Wilson wrote: Wasn\'t any place to get any coffee at Det1 unless you borrowed it from the pot in the scheduling room and that wouldn\'t go over real well. If you got clean drinking water, you can make your own coffee in a rinsed out C-rats can sitting on the exhaust of a ground power unit with the little packet of C-rats instant coffee. The exhaust fumes give it a wonderful flavor! Bring on the fisticuffs! The first shirt will get us out of the brig when they need us to fly!
  11. We checked them out of the armor room when we checked our weapons out and carried drinking water in them because drinking water was way more valuable than coffee. Don\'t know how they do it now!
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! [img size=150] It\'s a Florida Christmas tree if you\'re wondering.........
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ........ Happy Chinese New Year too. Where is the Bob Hope Show this week and what time do the Santabous get here?
  14. It\'s not a recent photo. Got a little more gray hair since then........
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