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I am really pissed that the one guy I really wanted to win - lost. http://www.jonbarela.com/

He was truly what I consider to be "old school" politician with common sense. He showed up to every radio show he was given the opportunity to and answered every question put to him. He explained every record. He was very amiable.

And I really did not like either candidate for governor. http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/06/02/denish-vs-martinez-for-new-mexico-governor-a-rare-2-woman-rac/

I really did not like our rep. candidate. Both women came off as fake, when I met them. The demoncat appeared to much like a "Ima gonna be like uh Hillary". While the rep. one..well if you were female you would completely understand when I tell you she has that fake "I care sincerity" wave. the hand does not go side to side but the fingers bend down to the palm, wave. It is a fake wave.

At least the demoncat is not in office.

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