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A/C By The Runway


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Anyone remember the A model at CRB that hit a morter hole

in the runway and tore the nose l/g from under it?

I think the number was 55-0033, or 54-0033.

The base Co. had a cable run through the cocpit windows

to pull it off the runway but the cable tore out the front windows.

What ever happened to it?

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Hello all just found and joined the site, I have been looking for information on 3114 56-0506 

I was on the RAM team (Rapid Area Maintenance) out of Tan Son Nhut we were sent to Tuy Hoa AB in May 1966 to recover the wings from the plane for parts when we got there the Army officer who had the tank try to pull the C-130 and destroyed it (was gone)

We removed the wings and prepared them for transport to Tan Son Nhut but I understand that before they could be transported an Army helicopter in an effort to look at the plane prop washed the wings and destroyed them.

Thanks for the 4 pictures of the plane posted here I have been looking for info. on this plane for a long time.

Thanks for allowing me to join   

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I just saw donwon's post of July 15,2008  asking about the C-130 that hit the morter hole it was aircraft 3114 56-0506 there are pictures on this site.

According to the C130.net site after being written off The aircraft was subsiquently used by the USArmy as an officer's club.   

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