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Rest in peace walter, I met walter at Gia Lam Airport in north vienam

when the POW`s were being released in 1973.

He was inside the airport buying N. Vietnam postage stamps. The stampes

were printed with a B-52 on them going down in flames. He got about four sheets, I did have two stamps but they got lost over the years.:)

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I met Walter Cronkite at Goose Bay, Labrador in 1982 or 83 in the USAF officers mess (of which I was an associate member), not long after he retired from TV. He was with a film crew doing a documentary on the Northern Lights and had come Goose for filming (Goose was a great place to see the lights) and crew R&R. He was gracious enough to sign an autograph for my father, who was a big fan. He enjoyed a few drinks and chatted away pleasantly to everyone present. I was, at the time, a young TV newscaster and was more than a little intimidated to be talking to such a lion of the profession but he was the perfect gentleman and treated me as a colleague.

One doersn't forget that kind of class, even if (or perhaps because) I am a Canadian.

Gary Hebbard

St. John's, Newfoundland


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