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    corvettes and fishings, Traveling and Air Shows Military vets. and my old military Buddys.


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    12 Years USAF S/Sgt
    1962 BMT 3709SQ FLT 1662
    1963 ACFT MAINT SCH. B-47 School Amarillo Tx.
    1963-1964 314th Sewart AFB Tenn.
    1964-1966 315th TCS Tachikawa, AB. Japan Asst. C/C 55-0002
    1966-1968 314th 778SQ Pope AFB N.C. C/C 64-0556/ 62-1856
    1968-1971 603rd MASS. Kadena AB Okinawa
    1971-1972 314th 777SQ. Pope AFB N.C. C/C 63-7869
    1972-1973 374th OMS CCK AB Taiwan C/C 63-7819
    1973-1974 Little Rock AFB ARK.

    I was a member of the crews that flew into Hanoi (Gia Lam airport)
    in support of the POW release. (Ops. Homecoming) 1973.
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  1. I Crewed the Aircraft #2 in line in this Photo 63-7819 at CCK, Taiwan in 1972-73.
  2. I see one of my old birds on there, 63-7869 Crewed at Littlerock before it became a EC bird.
  3. And don`t forget the Touch Switch also Controlled the Crew Chiefs eye lids........"Sweet Dreams"
  4. I remember a urinal at 245 on the E`s, Man, I hated when those things pluged up......What a mess. Sometimes you could not get to the urinal in the back because of the Cargo loads.
  5. Yes, Been there and Done That, And that all I have to say about that !!!!!!!!
  6. c177tx, There is two story`s for acft. 64-0505. Dec. 9, 1972 acft. Ditched of the coast of Taiwan, but I was there at the time and don`t remember that happen. The other story is it crashed at Anderson AFB, Guam shooting touch an goes on Dec. 9, 1972. The 2nd story is the real story.........
  7. 63-7819 I Crewed this bird in 72and 73 at CCK
  8. I remember taking Samples on all 4eng. and GTC on every BPO and they had to be taken with in 30 or 45min. after landing before the oil had time to settle good. this was at CCK and Little Rock, but the years before that I can`t remember doing it.
  9. Thank you casey for a great site, You have done a good Job Here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
  10. Good video John, thanks for posting, Crew A-Models at Sewart, in Tenn. and Tachikawa, Japan.
  11. My proof was some 781 flight forms that I kept. They showed that I landed and departed some air bases in Vietnam and the A/C sighed them, that was for my HD pay for the month. Sure glad I kept them because just the Blanket Orders were not Proof of boot on the ground. I am receiving 100% Disability for Non-Hoskins Lyphome due to agent orange exposer.
  12. I beleave you meant they went to Yokota in 1975 Muff. The 374TAS And are still there.
  13. I was at Tachikawa in 64 to 66 asst. Crew Chief on 55-0002, First trip in Country was 65 to CRB. That was a 24Mos. tour. It was a good assisment.
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