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Spare 617


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I was lucky enough to meet Bobby Dugger and this great aircraft this weekend and began to wonder what she looked like in those Vietnam days. I have a C-130 kit (the Italeri H version) and was thinking of building it to reflect the aircraft from that harrowing mission. Can anyone help with info or pictures? Many thanks in advance!

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Thanks for putting this request in Sean. I was going to ask the same question. If any of you Vietnam era guys could provide photos of 87 back then, we sure would appreciate it. We have lot of folks in the unit asking to see photos of 87 back then. In fact I will put some of our tail numbers we have had on here and any photos from back then would be great. I love Vietnam era pictures of herks. I am trying to talk a decal company of doing decal of 87 in Vietnam so photos would be great. And we have folks asking if anyone might have photos of the plane after this incident happened. Thanks so very much for your help. Bobby Dugger






'' '' 95

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