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  1. And Muff here is some pictures of 1788. I took some today with the 62nd markings. (sorry for the bad shots it was very foggy today) and i have included some with our markings I took last summer. Hope you like them.
  2. Here are some more. Hope you guys find some Herks you have some hours on.
  3. Ok Ken here at the bottom is a picture of 1804 in the bone yard. It was setting off to the side of the in processing area, so I am not sure how far along they had got with it. Also I have included some photos of the other herks in the boneyard including some of our tails
  4. Thanks sir I will look it up and see if i can find some of our E models. I love to see them in the SEA scheme. THanks agian.
  5. Thanks sir I will look to see if I can find some of our E models. THanks so much. I love to see the Herks in the SEA scheme.
  6. Sure I remember you. Sorry I have not been on here lately. We have a new baby and my wife has not been in good health since his birth, so I have not had much time to set down and keep up with my airplane stuff. I have had my hands full. TO answer your question, 04 is now in the bone yard. I took 63-7811 to the bone yard back in Sepember. That was our last E model. But parked not two far off from our drop off point was 04. It did not look like it had been there long. I can not remember if we took it out there or if the base did. I will try and post photos tonight of it as well as all the herks i took photos of out there in the boneyard.
  7. Hello, Muff. My name is Bobby Dugger I work in the Loadmaster office with Brian (154load) He and I are the Ops historians. He posted this request for me yesterday. (I could not remember my log on name). Thanks for the info. I am trying to put together the story for the news lady right now. I will try and go down this morning and get some photos of the plane if I can find it. I cannot promise they will be very good. It is rainy and foggy here at Little Rock this morning. But I will try and find her. Do you happen to have any photos of any of our E's that we had when they were in Vietnam? Especially 88 . Any would be great. Thanks again for the info. Bobby
  8. Thanks for putting this request in Sean. I was going to ask the same question. If any of you Vietnam era guys could provide photos of 87 back then, we sure would appreciate it. We have lot of folks in the unit asking to see photos of 87 back then. In fact I will put some of our tail numbers we have had on here and any photos from back then would be great. I love Vietnam era pictures of herks. I am trying to talk a decal company of doing decal of 87 in Vietnam so photos would be great. And we have folks asking if anyone might have photos of the plane after this incident happened. Thanks so very much for your help. Bobby Dugger 62-1784 62-1787 62-1788 62-1790 62-1790 '' '' 95 '' '' 98 62-1804 62-1824 63-7811 63-7847
  9. Thanks so much Ken. My pleasure on the pics. And thank you so VERY much for sending photos of 04 in Vietnam. I love pictures of our planes in SEA paint schemes. It is just cool to see them "back in the day" Thanks again Ken!!
  10. I guess since I am putting photos on here I will add this one. Here are our units other nose art bird. 63-7811. I took a photo of our units original markings that was carried on our Curtiss Jennies when the unit was formed back in 1925. This is a piece of canvas off of the original Jennies ( the diamond was just aft of the cockpit) and it is kept in our commanders conference room. So took a photo of it and cleaned it up and our maintenance guys converted it over to a huge nose art sticker. This diamond is our squadron emblem and we wear a modified version on our flight suits.
  11. Thanks Mr. McGowan for posting the story of 87. You have been such a big help to us on the info on the aircraft and helped my assistant historian Brain put the story together and get the nose art done. We are so glad to get the nose art done and honor this great plane and tell its story and honor it and the crew. My name is MSgt Bobby Dugger. Brain Swanson and I work together in the loadmaster office. I am the Operations Historian and Brian is as well. Brian has done a great job on working on this project with lots of folks help including Mr. McGowan. If all goes as planned Brian and I will get to be on the crew bringing 1787 up to the air show in Michigan in a couple of weeks. So anyone coming to the show please stop by and say hi. Also the tail numbers Mr. Wilson talked about his posting are all assigned to us now and flying very well. (except for 90 and 95) Both have been retired and I believe they are still at Sheppard as ground trainers. And thanks for the story of 88 .We do have it. In fact I flew on it the other day. Air conditioner does not work well in the Arkansas heat. Maybe we can do something for nose art on it as well. Thanks again for the story on it have never heard that before. Thanks Bobby Dugger
  12. Here are the photos of 87 and its the nose art. And for any of you model builders out there Decals for this aircraft and a few of our other tail numbers will soon be avialable.
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