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Where to get your jane fonda urinal stickers

Dan Wilson

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;):mad:Saw a 130 once with the POW/MIA on the nose....

You Americans can sure teach the "world" a thing or two..

From a Kiwi to my American friends..... " God bless America !!"

During that war, you people were protecting the people/ idiots who didn't want to a thing... F-100 with nose art ..."Protesters Protector" why ?

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Loved it when a few years ago at the Awards ceremony, Bridget Fonda, daughter of Hanoi Jane, complained that she wasn't getting recongnition she deserved because of her mother!

Well maybe she should just bitch slap her mommy and maybe put a small caliber bullet in the base of her skull instead of just whining about it, hell I will give her the gun even.


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Not to be a "wise ass", but strictly to keep the record straight. Bridget Fonda is Jane Fonda's niece. Peter Fonda (Jane Fonda's brother) is Bridget's father. Henry Fonda is her grandfather.

Also, my knowing these useless facts isn't because I have any Fonda fondness lol. They are all an over-privileged plight on this country. I think they would make better French citizens. You know, living next door to Barabra Streisand and the rapist Polanski.

God save this great nation --- "the shining city on the hill" - America

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