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Herk Galley Cook Book


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Ahh! Searched the almighty kitchen cab's this afternoon and came up with some "helmet bag throw-in's" :

Dinty Moore Stew (all that are on the shelf).

Tuna ("Chicken-Of-The-Sea" an all time crew favorite).

Saltine cracker's (many way's of utilization).

TANG (Yuk! Those astronaut's are some sick f--ker's).

Beef Jerky------A must!!!

Folger's instant coffee (a mother-in-law's left over, but what the hell. It comes on handy).

An old pack of Marlboro's (they may keep you out of jail in some countries).

Crown Royal (you're not a Crew Dog unless you carry a portable Class Six Store).

And, an all time October favorite------my wife's stash of Halloween candy! Gotta' love all of those Tootsie Roll's, Bubble Yum, jaw breaker's, mini-Snicker's, mini-Baby Ruth's, and Halloween candy corn!). Note: I'm in some deep shit when the wife comes home at 18:30!!!

Let me hear some more.....


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I cooked a Swiss mushroom bacon meatloaf on a recent TDY. Assembled it the night prior, took off threw it in the galley and it should have taken 2 hours at 350 but the damn thing quit on us getting the loaf to a nice med rare 140..we still ate it and it turned out pretty good, would have been better fully cooked though.

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