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  1. so many years ago on august 7 2002 90-0161 crashed,im jsut want to pay respect to the plane and respect to our fellow brothers and sisters
  2. anyone know fo a way to find cooridantes for crash's sites ,such as in puerto rico, goingt here this summer like to see if i can find.
  3. is there anyway to see the hurlburt air park when u been oput for so many years
  4. i found the aircraft on google earth what u mena sam sites, u mean missle sites
  5. tsn ,do u mean tan son nhat international airport,i was tryingt o find on google earth
  6. i didnt need a thank u just a few beers was fine with me
  7. when i flew on my plane anywhere i could wasa comfy place,talon 2's dont have crew bunks .i slept on top of isu's ,a few times we was all loaded up for airdrops and i jsut founda spot on the dual rails undrneath the booster pump.one time iwas so tired a peice on armor on the cargo floor worked for me
  8. well i didnt know him but from what i get fromt he other post ,it will proably be a matter of time till he screws up again .so id say no thank u go away
  9. i always pictured hooking the cargo lights up to blink.dj up in the flight deck.pool tables and bar on the wings
  10. when i was in me and my buddys always joked around about making a c130 into a night club,lol
  11. oh my that was some good stuff,i cant stop laughing,made be remember when one of our planes landed on night and i cant remember what the write up was and the DCC of the plane wrote FUBAR and signed it off.did the shit roll after that ,lol
  12. thanks with the talk of these mc-j's thought maybe theyed be canceled
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