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Freight Dogs Wanted for TV Series

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A lot of civilian pilots get there carriers started hauling freight. These are usually late at night with marginal equipment and little to no work rules -- except get it DONE if you don't want the job someone else will do it!! These pilots are usually so green and inexperienced they knuckle under. Just to fly they are forced to cut corners a lot of "gray" stuff, fly in doggie doo doo weather with no real crew rest. It is amazing that planes are not crashing all over the place.

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I guess if you're piloting a Cessna or a Beaver, you'd fall under FAR 135, but the majority of "freight dogs" fly under 121 rules. From the time I retired from the USAF in 12/85 until I retired from Gemini Air Cargo in 8/03, all I did was haul frieght with some of the most experienced pilots I've ever flown with. Of course, as in any job, there were some idiots, too. The majority of the crews would rather haul freight than pax. Cargo doesn't complain about the food or the temperature in the back, plus the cockpit crew doesn't have to put up with ditzy FA's during layovers.

There was an article in Men's Vogue a couple of years ago about freight dogs. I guess there's no copyright infringement if I post this link to the article. The article is about 99.9% true -- especially when the author mentions Bryson's Pub in Miami Springs. It used to be an aviation icon at MIA. You could walk in there any time, day or night, & put together a current & qualified & relatively sober crew to fly anything from a C-46 to a 747 to anywhere in the world.

Click here: Freight Dogs - PPRuNe Forums

Don R.

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Perhaps it's a show about flying DeHavilland Beavers and such in Alaska. If that's the case, the name of Producer Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, etc.) comes to mind. Perhaps a Discovery Channel program with Mike Rowe narrating. If so, I'm intrigued.

Of course, I'd also be intrigued if it was one (or more) of the countless IL-76 crews out there that live on their ride.

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