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  1. Thanks for taking the time to talk to your guys. Sadly we've already tried that. We've done novram flushes(I think thats how you spell it) on both mission computers a few times in different ways. Nothing seemed to work. I think its something were going to have to live with for awhile. One of the quirks to these damn computers. Theres nothing to the system so it shouldnt have hard to fix but its driving us crazy.
  2. Believe it or not were still mechanics. It would be silly to go change the number 3 engine with out a wrench. Why not use the tools we have at our disposal?
  3. Yeah that is weird. Ive never seen the PMA display false bit data. Ill keep it in the bucket if I see some suspicious results.
  4. Pointyhead, we get this problem in our hanger so I dont think its temp related. I have seen some temp stuff before so I agree its a problem. Just not for this one. The connectors is a possibilty but we've changed the quadrant twice, once for this and once for a "sticky throttle"(damn pilots). Anyways I think were going to have this plane in the hanger so I can work with it. I think Im going to piggy back an ADC without removing the pitot and static lines and see what that does. If you wouldnt mind asking those guys that would be cool. When I talked to my lockheed guy he said do a NAVRAM flush and it should take care of it. Didnt work.
  5. Thanks for the reply Ramrod but its not the audible ACAWS its a visual ACAWS. "Auto throttle fault" pops up as soon as the plane boots up. Its literally the first or second ACAWS that shows. The system is so simple. Its just kicking our ass.
  6. Ok for any J guys out there my unit needs some help. We have one plane that has an auto throttle fault ACAWS(advisory). The system is fully operational. It works on the ground and in the air. We've done IBITS and data-bus checks. We've replaced throttle quadrants and AFCPs and control panels. Weve done NAVRAM flushes to clear the mission computers. Im pretty sure we have done EVERY thing. If anyone has any ideas ill shut gun the hell out of this plane to fix it.
  7. No not Ryan Petters, Im not sure who he is. I was refering to Shane L. If your with the J's you should know who he is.
  8. No it doesnt have to, If your with the J model program I used to fly with your exchange pilot that was down here with us. I was just wondering if you were him. If you dont know him hes a great pilot and awesome guy.
  9. Everything in this thread has been correct so far. Auto throttles; check. Free turbine; check. No FE; check. In the coast guard the load sits in the third seat and monitors the pilidiots. Im maintaince and crew on the J any other questions I'll do my best to help answer. hey hklm, e-city doesnt happen to ring a bell does it?
  10. my math might be a little rusty but I think 121+121+121=363
  11. Its getting the job done. Were still figuring it out. I heard its nothing like the SLAR but it still finds the bergs.
  12. Holy smokes, its a small herc world! I was just in St Johns, Newfoundland with these guys. We were there for a mission and they were bringing their first plane home. I got to look around, pretty neat, much better then our H models. But nothing like our J model, sorry legacy guys. They were broke while we were there so we had to give them our hanger space but later we all had steak and lobster. Great guys.
  13. We once loaded a herc with random mules and power carts to load out the plan and make it 155,000 just to test our now tow tractor and see what she can do.... she towed like a champ:p
  14. tiny, you get the post of the year award. way to go! hip hip hooray hip hip hooray
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