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Nigerian Air Force C130 crashes at DNPO (Port Harcourt)

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Excerpt from a post by Phone Wind on FlyAfrica ......

There are reports that a Nigerian Air Force C130 crashed at Port Harcourt International airport yesterday. The plane was carrying 30 staff from the Nigerian Emergency management Agency, NEMA, on a mock rescue exercise and waiting airport emergency workers instead found themselves involved in the real thing. The aircraft turned hard right off the runway when about half way along it and has been severely damaged.

From a newsclip taken inside the aircraft by a Nigeria Television Authority cameraman who was onboard to film the mock rescue, it seems that the passengers had trouble using the emergency exits when trying to leave the aircraft and it also seems the firetrucks were using water rather than foam. According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, "people were waiting so that when it gets down, it can stop abruptly on the runway so that they can rush down to rescue in a mock manner, but then it vied off the runway.".

The aircraft was closed to both air and ground traffic for some hours and Hind gunships from the Port Harcourt NAF Base flew in military personnel. Some of the injured were flown out on the evening Arik Air flight but were banned from talking about their experiences.

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Possibly attemped an assault type landing, when they went into reverse an unexpected assymmetrical thrust condition developed quicker than the crew could react and the aircraft veered off of the runway. Too early to know but just throwing it out there.

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From the Aviation Safety Network: A Nigerian Air Force Alenia/Aeritalia G-222 transport plane sustained substantial damage in a runway excursion accident at Port Harcourt Airport (PHC).

The airplane was taking part in an exercise aimed at testing disaster response operations when it skidded off the runway after landing. No one was killed in the accident but ten passengers were injured.

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