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Contract/Batch Numbers?


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Again, citing Lars' book, 73J is the MC-130J.

Don R.

73J is actually the code for BOTH the USAF HC-130J (not USCG) AND the MC-130J, For the first 31 aircraft anyway.

On HC/MC aircraft 32 and up will be 77J...

The Air Force's standard Slick-30 the 44J is now a 58J.

The last USMC tanker will be a 76J vice 72J...

Just to screw you all up yet again LOL

Why the change? Something about the new program that they use for the drawings. It doesn't put a parts listing on the drawings. It puts them into a different file/drawing and they are on a separate file, than the aircraft drawing. Thus, "The drawing is "different" so the same code can't be used. Don't ask me, I just work here...


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