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Maverick armed C-130

Weasel Pilot

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I just got a photo (which unfortunately I can't post due to copyright concerns) that shows a C-130 with two AGM-65 Mavericks on tail number 0-50024. Supossedly taken at Wright Patterson. Missiles appear to be loaded on a 3-rail LAU-88 launcher, but it isn't visible. This is attached to a pylon - deeper than an A-model fuel tank pylon - outboard of the #4 engine. Both missiles appear to be inert captive-carry items. The missile on the right launcher station appears to have a flat metal plate blanking off the nose instead of the seeker dome/window. It has a yellow (live motor) stripe around the forward part of the motor section but no yellow or brown stripes around the warhed section. The control fins are numbered and there are red stripes around the area the warhead would have occupied and down the wings. The other missile - on the launcher's bottom station - appears to have a dome cover but its opaque instead of clear. No stripes of any kind on it but has the US Air Force and data block markings. The 130 is in a grey paint scheme, like the weather birds, not the gunships. No markings on the 130, except the serial, "United States Air Force" on the forward fuselage and national emblems.

Talk about your Fabulous Four-engined Fighter!

Anybody know what this was all about?

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