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Chow Halls


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Got chewed out by a Command Chief in 2004 at Ali Al Salem for calling it the Chow hall. He told me that it was now to be refered to as the DFAC. He told me that the aircrew were not the only ones working hard and the term chow hall was derogatory(sp) and offensive. I told him I meant no disrespect and turned to my crew and said "I'm going to th chow hall. I will see you back at the hooch!" Needless to say he was pissed! My A/C, an old school Lt Col, jumped in and gave the E-9 a little "What for and how it is!" That was the point I knew the real war/operations were over and had been replaced by the Big Blue Bafoonery!

We must have been there at the same time (Nov 04 - Feb 05). Can't remember how many times I was "corrected" to use DFAC. I was in charge of the Herc maintenance specialists and was told to relay to them what proper terminology to use when it came to the dining facility. I replied that it was sad that we were more worried about hurting someone in Services feelings and not concentrating on what we were there to do. Just one of the many reasons morale was so low.

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