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  1. Are you saying the generator came loose from the gearbox, or did the generator come apart? Three times?
  2. The AC-130W upgrade is going on adding the 105mm to it, which is why they are still retiring the U-boats more slowly though!!
  3. So you say your looking for the old work cards. digitally might be as much a challenge as paper copies. But I will look at what I have on old disk
  4. There are NO refurb work card. They are done by Little Rock and Hurlburt and have developed their own checklists
  5. You can cold restart the GCU to unlatch it using the circuit breaker on the pilots side (forget the name). The GCU does need to match the generator! What fixed this or did I miss it??
  6. I think they are looking for anything that might cause the creep issue and air will cause this, but 20cc I don't know. Do the KC-135's have the same issue with the carbon brakes we have??
  7. Are you sure the line will still pass the burst test of 1000PSI (I think) for a return line?
  8. I have seen these holes but none filled with sealant. I will look tomorrow, after half day off due to ice here at Cannon. believe it or not the day before it was almost 70 and will get there by weeks end
  9. Yes or disconnect the GCU cannon plug to take the power away. Why do want to clear the error codes?
  10. They are relisting the Avionics position at Cannon they (AFPC) screwed up the job description. So watch for the new job. I will post the Job number when I get it!! Remember don't put the base just AFETS!
  11. Airframe 8J-AFPC-1025592-029389-ALH Avionics 8J-AFPC-1025262-029391-DJa Good day
  12. We have two job openings at Cannon you can find them in USAJOBS.com Look for AFETS. one of the Jobs in Avionics position working on AC-130H and W aircraft. APG job is on the MC-130J aircraft, J knowledge is preferable but not required. Both jobs close on the 14th Jan 2014. Need help finding them or need more info let me know. Mike
  13. As long as you wear the right gear MEK can be used. We have to have a waste stream in place be we can use any of the type of cleaners.
  14. The handle numbers mean nothing really unless it is a mil spec. EMI filter pin is a safety pin located in cargo compartment of the slick C-130 at FS245 (one) and at around FSlt side wall of the AC. The are used to safe the ALE47 Chaff Flare system.
  15. Looks like an EMI filter pin to me!
  16. Engine controls are fly by wire:cool:
  17. Yes It is me. Assistance was Art Liming he retired and lives in the Fort Walton area. Look closely at my avatar (pic)
  18. I will look when I get a chance (if some has not answered by then, maybe this week). They are packing my stuff up tomorrow and and we are going to the states on the 10th of Sept. Then on to Cannon close to Oct. Mike I have attach some pic is this what you need info on?
  19. Don't forget NO synchrophasers either!! Electronic valve housings to boot!!
  20. Here is some info!! 25% increased thermal capacity with carbon heatstack Assault Landing Service Cycle  Service Assault landing (5.9M ft-lb)  Taxi in, 25 min ground dwell, taxi out  25 min flight  Repeat sequence indefinitely Assault Overload / Quick-turn performance  17.5M ft-lb Assault O/L landing  1.15 mile taxi at 25 mph to parked, 5 minute ground dwell  1.15 mile taxi at 25 mph to stopped  18.0M ft-lb RTO  No fire above height of tire allowed 2000 landings per overhaul (8X increase)
  21. Sometimes if you hit the brake stack using a long brass rod and hammer the stack will free up and allow the wheel to turn. Is that your problem??
  22. There is NO difference the -1 is probably the part number the military gave it while the one with out the dash is the manufacturer part number (look in http://www.dlis.dla.mil/webflis/pub/pub_search.aspx ) my help you too. But that is how it is done on other parts.
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