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  1. From the look of it I am sure it is going to be another white elephant for the following reasons. when the propulsion and hydraulic systems are added to this it is going to be another bulky and ugly piece of equipment which everyone hate to use. a simple fork lifter eg. Hyster, can do all this job with less complication. this vehicle cannot be accomodated on the C 130 ramp and going to occupy a signifacan amount of cargo space. if everything else fails the c 130 and c 17 crew can always combat off load its cargo for sure.
  2. Thanks for responding. I am talking about c130J-30. Take the reference and mode selector panel, push the corner of the button and it snap open. We can easily replace the bulbs. Thought it would be the same for the HCP also. thanks
  3. Is it possible to replace the tiny corner lights on a HUD Control panel? or replacing the whole panel is the only option? Refer the Figure.
  4. this is a hypothetical question. If I the software PCMCIA card is accidentally formatted as a a flight RMM, what is the possibility of recovery? Do I have to order a new one from the Factory? Is it possible to back up the card in to a PC?
  5. Some times three digit fault codes appear on the GHCP display. The meaning is not mentioned in the FI manual. Is there some place to look up for these failure codes?
  6. Lockheed introduced a shoulder patch to commemorate the one million flight hours done by J model. Is there any way to get one online?
  7. How to find out the date of manufacture of hercules?The label placed at the crew bunk mention a date of acceptance, is it the same as date of manufacture?
  8. structure repair manual of J model talks about two different adhesive material for Radome repair, EA 9395 and EA 9396. I want to know whether they are interchangeable.
  9. The TO, does n't allow use of Halon and CO2 fire extinguishers in case of an accidental fire caused by MTV (Magnesium Teflon Viton) Flares. Pl suggest a rightfire fighting equipment to be used when MTV (Magnesium Teflon Viton) Flares are loaded on to aircraft
  10. We get an "Ice detection level 2 " ACAWS under no icing conditions and the plane goes to Ice protection mode. We isolated the fault to a bad Ice Detector, but unable to determine which one out of the two due to the following reasons- (a) ACAWS appears in flight. ( The ACAWS doesn't say no.1 or no.2 Ice detector. Is there a quick and easy way to isolate the faulty Ice detector? We replaced one of them hoping the problem won't reappear......
  11. The manuals give two different information regarding the CVR recording time, 30 minutes of high quality recording and 2 hours of high quality recording. Which one of these is correct? The L-3 website is not very helpful they provide information to under contract costumers only!!
  12. Which is the highest airfield a c 130 ever landed?
  13. How does a lightning diverter strip work? Is it possible to replace the strip? What are the checks that are to followed after replacement?
  14. What I was talking about the large halon extinguishers kept on tarmac during engine start. Is it possible to reach the engine fire access panels with that flexible hose?
  15. I have never seen an engine fire and wouldn't like to see one. The question is, what is the correct procedure to use the halon fire extinguisher in case of an emergency?
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