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  1. This is what we at Scramble have for 14854: ex 67th SOS 352nd SOG 12dec13-jan10 ex 9th SOS 1st SOW -16nov06, ex as '44854', 'Big Papa' oct01, ex 9th SOS 16th SOW 16nov06-apr95, redesignated MC-130P 15feb96, ex 550th SOS apr95-feb90, rebuilt to HC-130P feb90, ex 1551st FTS, rebuilt to HC-130H, rebuilt to NC-130H dec77-oct77, ex 6593rd TW aug65, rebuilt to JHC-130H, built as C-130H 28feb65
  2. This is what I have for this frame: ex FT/79th RQS 23rd Wing aug12-dec11 ex -/71st RQS 347th RQW 29sep06-mar04, ex MY/71st RQS 347th RQW jun03-jul98, ex PD/304th RQS apr97-aug94, ex -/304th RQS jul94-feb93, ex 71st RQS mar92-jan93, ex 304th ARRS mar92-jan86, ex HC-130H, ex 303rd ARRS oct84-oct73, ex 305th ARRS, ex 54th ARRS jun66-sep65
  3. 100% it isn't delivered to Mildenhall as of today. I know it is intended for the 67th SOS but it has never left the Marietta facility.
  4. 11-5729 is still not delivered. It made some testflights in July but never arrived at RAF Mildenhall. It should still be somewhere at Marietta.
  5. We at Scramble have published a complete list of the fy15 budget proposal impact. Have a look at Scramblemagazine to see the C-130 hercules impact Regards Dennis Peteri
  6. 64-0521 is at Kirtland as an instructional airframe. It was firts noted at Kirtland in September 2010. Here is it history that I have: ex 62nd AS 314th AW feb06-sep08 ex 159th FS 125th FW FL ANG oct05-sep00, ex 'Let's Roll' mar05-mar02, ex 135th AS MD ANG may00-aug89, ex WR ALC aug98 ex 61st TAS 64th TAW aug67
  7. 65-0977 went to NASA as N427NA. Regards Dennis Peteri
  8. We at Dutch Aviation Society Scramble are happy to take over and continue Lars work. We do have a lot of information on both US, foreign and civil C-130s/L-100. We are specialized in tail#, have regular publications (beside our monthly magazine als many orbat and serial overviews) and with an editorial team of more than 45 people, all focussed on tailnnumbers I am sure we are able to continue. If interested, please drop me a message at [email protected] PS: I have just send Lars a message, with the same proposal, hopefully he responds!
  9. 65-0991 is already part of the 9th SOS and 66-0215 will follow that same route in the first week of February regards Dennis Peteri
  10. AFAIK it is not delivered yet, probably another AC-130U conversion? To date it is NOT delivered to the 67th SOS.
  11. Scramble


    Does anyone know the current fait of this former Polish AF C-130E? it returend to the US on 20 September 2012, but no report of it since.
  12. Scramble


    Both 62-1842 and 1858 transferred 9/11 to the boneyard, leaving 64-0510 as the final C-130E in the Air Force. (or are there still some operational at Hurlburt field?)
  13. This is what we at Scramble have: ex RS/37th AS 86th AW jan05-apr99, affected by wing box problems due to wrong grade material used during modification programm in the early 70s sep02, ex -/37th AS dec98-mar93, ex 314th AW nov92, ex 62nd TAS apr68, ex 61st TAS 64th TAW aug67 ex 61st TAS 64th TAW jul67 ex 61st TAS 64th TAW may67
  14. MARIETTA, Ga., Sept. 28, 2012 - At ceremonies here yesterday, the Royal Norwegian Air Force formally accepted a C-130J Super Hercules for the aircraft that was tragically lost in March of this year. Through strong cooperation between the Governments of the United States and Norway, a C-130J originally destined for Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, was redirected to become the replacement aircraft. Tony Frese (left), C-130 Norwegian Program director discusses the J-model with Brigadier General Frode R Flølo (right), Chief of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation - Air System Division, who accepted the aircraft. Anyone for framenumber serial and FMS? regards Dennis Peteri Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble ------------------------------------------------- United States Air Force News & Database Editor website: http://www.scramble.nl e-mail #1: [email protected] e-mail #2: [email protected] Download the latest issue of Scramble Magazine in both the Apple store or Google Play Store!!
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