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C-130 Units in SEA


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There's a lot of confusion about C-130 units that flew in SEA because of the many unit redesignations that took place. Here is a run-down (this only applies to troop carrier/tactical airlift.):

1958-1965 - There were four C-130A squadrons assigned to PACAF, with the fourth arriving in 1963. The 815th was at Tachikawa while the 21st and 817th were at Naha and were joined by the 35th. They were supplemented by TAC rotational squadrons.

1966-1969 - In December 1966 eight TAC squadrons were transferred to PACAF along with two wings. The 41st TCS went to Naha to join the 6315th Operations Group, which became the 374th Troop Carrier Wing in August, 1966 and made the fifth C-130A squadron. The entire 463rd TCW transferred from Langley to the Philippines with its B-models. The wing headquarters was at Mactan until late 1968 when it transferred to Clark. The 772nd and 774th squadrons were also at Mactan, then went to Clark. The 773rd went to Clark and was joined by the 29th TCS from Forbes (which was so inexperienced that they frequently screwed up and got the nickname F-Troop.) Three squadrons of E-models also went to PACAF, the 50th from Sewart, the 345th from Dyess and the 776th from Pope. The 314th wing transferred to PACAF in early 1966 to become the headquarters unit. Previously, each squadron was at a different PACAF base. All three wings were assigned to the 315th Air Division. In early 1968 in reponse to the Pueblo Crisis and the Tet Offensive, several TAC rotational squadrons were sent to PACAF to beef-up C-130 strength. By that time the 834th Air Division had activated at Tan Son Nhut and controlled all airlift operations in South Vietnam (but not Thailand.)

1969 - a squadron from Dyess (346th I think) transferred to CCK. The 815th at Tachikawa inactivated, along with 315th Air Divison.

1970 - troop strength in Vietnam was reduced and several C-130A & B squadrons were earmarked for deactivation.

1971 - the 374th TAW at Naha was shut down but the guidon was flown to CCK to replace the 314th TAW, which transferred to Little Rock to replace the 64th. The 21st TAS also transferred to CCK and replaced the 346th (347th?) Apparently the USAF intended for all of the Naha squadrons to move to CCK but in the end only the 21st transferred and the 35th and 817th inactivated while the 41st guidon flew to Pope where the 464th TAW and it's squadrons were sent into oblivion. The 463rd TAW guidon flew to Dyess, but the 774th remained at Clark until mid-1972.

1972 - PACAF C-130 strength was down to four squadrons again, but only the 21st of the original squadrons remained. The 50th, 345th and 776th were still at CCK. In reponse to the Easter Invasion, several TAC squadrons were sent to PACAF on rotation.

1973 - the 374th moved to Clark.

Now you can see why there is no way to have a C-130 unit reunion and have people from the same units since there were so many redesignations, transfers, inactivation, reactivations and general unit confusion.

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