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Combat Leaders


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I was on the Air Force's web site and I noticed a couple of articles about the CMSAF visiting various bases in PACAF. They were interesting, and it's good to see senior leadership getting out there and meeting the troops.

Now to my observation: I noticed a link to Chief Roy's bio, so I clicked on it. He's been in for nearly 30 years, and looking at his ribbon rack on his blues, he has not ONE ribbon/medal/device from any sort of contingency/conflict/deployment/etc. I read his bio to confirm, and he spent his early years as a CE-type, then went into MPF, and ended up as the command chief at various (predominently) AETC bases. Curious, I looked further to see if there were any MAJCOM four stars with combat experience. I found ONE. The PACAF/CC has a silver star, a DFC, and a bunch of air medals. The ACC/CC? NOT ONE!!!!

How is it possible that in our AF of today, almost all the senior leadership has ZERO COMBAT EXPERIENCE? What happened? How does a guy who's never done anything (by his own bio) end up as the CMSAF? How is it that the commander of ACC has ZERO combat experience? ACC has "combat" right in the title for cryin' out loud!!!

Any thoughts?

By the way, I'm a retired herk eng (retired in 2006) with a ton of time, both regular and combat. And I'm not special in any way when it comes to that.

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I was in Goose Bay in 68 and part of 69. That was when Airey, was the CMSAF, (first one if I remember) He came thru the Choe Hall while

I was having lunch. He was surrounded by, alot of old Col.s An elisted man could nt get near him. The Chow Hall, the food services resource

manager, was a Msgt named Jack Segrest. I saw even he could not get near Airey, because of the Cols. Jack told me later. Airey spoke only

once while he was visiting the Goose. That was only to a very carefully chosen bunch of people. At that time, The Goose was a dumping ground

for alot of SAC's old Cols. These were people trying to get their 30 years in with no hope of making BG,

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Y'all don't want to hear what I think about the in-flight fire guard community. :D Although after about 14 years in the herk business I did have a couple of FE friends.

But honestly, by the time I retired in 04 the 08/09 crowd honestly disgusted me, out of all that I knew in my career there were only two chiefs and the rest were only E9's!!

Nothing was about helping the troops or looking out for the troops, it was all about power and position.

If I Offended you as a retired Chief, sorry, but if you were a good one you were standing out in the crowd for sure.

The last three years I declined to test for E8 (that's how disgusted I was), nobody could believe it though, I kept getting no show notices even though my paperwork was marked "I Decline....."sheep.gif

Oh well that's all in my past, now my life is all about lots of pain meds and a whole lot of work on my termite heap, errr Victorian house that is.


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