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  1. I was right in the middle of the evacuation of Saigon, and I don't remember loosing an aircraft. I remember having 199 people crammed in the cargo compartment with me for 6 and a half hours on 1 flight. Rg Glenn
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bob Don't wheeze and gasp, when trying to blow the candles, and by the way, did you hear from your old partners and classmates, DJ and Dewy?? Rg Glenn Glenn Thanks Have not heard from DJ since Christmas. He was doing well out there in CA Dewy had a bypass or stent I can't remember and hung up the flying and is still living in CO. Take care, Bob
  3. Bob The Loadmaster was Bob Compton, I knew him from Charleston, Rg Glenn
  4. Giz I ended going to Clark after CCK, pulling an accompied tour, the house where I lived was right the corner from the corner from the 4 Aces and Silver Peso. Flying with Lady Loads and Engineers came for me after I went back to C-141s. The guy who goes by the handle Efltnor, said his name is Tom, I only knew one guy named Tom ole Lurch Warya. who was a Crew Chief,
  5. Well Giz, I can't take the 5th, I been facing the same situation for over 40 years, course around here I have a reprobate named Arne, and a get a few phone calls from an old Engineer named B. Bottoms course to be an enlisted crew member, on a C-130 or just about any other aircraft, one of the first requirements was to be some what of a reprobate!!
  6. Yep, I remember that well, the 50th got the Phillipine Presidential Citation out of that typhoon relif effort. By the way did you handg at the Tumble Inn at CCK?
  7. I my memory serves me correctly, there was an E-model that landed straight down the runway at Makung Island by Taiwan. That one had a full cockpit crew. I remember calling the FE, Gearup Roy, He got kinda upset with me. when he was called that, but!!!!!!!!!! Rg glenn
  8. We lost accumulator pressure on a C-141 at La Paz, couldn't get the APU started, it takes alot of strokes on the handle to get enough pressure in the accumulator, at that altitude, 2 guys on the handle and an Engineer at the pannel checking on the accumulator pressure. On the C-130, side after An Loc low we went to high level, I spent 41 days in Siagon, in the Loadmaster drop pool, I remember Frantic Goat, these were leaflet drops, 8 hours, at 19,000 ft. Sucking on a nose hose, The front end crew, had it easy, but humping 40 lb bundles for 8 hours, was not a picknick. During that 41 days, I ended being a second LM, on drops, dropping anything and everything Rg Glenn
  9. 21st History There are a few of us on the board, that were with the 21st at time frame. In fact the 21st AS as it is called now just held, it's 70 Aniversry at Travis. Rg Glenn
  10. Pallet Limatations I had a 3 pallet train that weighted 30,000 lbs on a C=141, it covered all 3 pallets , it was a ships flywheel. As far as I can recall, can hold 10,000 lbs each. Which means on a 4 pallet train, you can have 40,000 lbs. This is as long as the weight is distributed, and the pallets do not bind in the dual rail system. You can also. get proper restraint.
  11. Yeah, the old chock, brings, but the more comlpicated that engineers can make things, the more money they make. AHH, the old weight and balance computer. Rg Glenn
  12. Guys I just called a friend of mine who works on the C-130 AMP program. He can let me know if it is fake. Rg Glenn
  13. I was in Goose Bay in 68 and part of 69. That was when Airey, was the CMSAF, (first one if I remember) He came thru the Choe Hall while I was having lunch. He was surrounded by, alot of old Col.s An elisted man could nt get near him. The Chow Hall, the food services resource manager, was a Msgt named Jack Segrest. I saw even he could not get near Airey, because of the Cols. Jack told me later. Airey spoke only once while he was visiting the Goose. That was only to a very carefully chosen bunch of people. At that time, The Goose was a dumping ground for alot of SAC's old Cols. These were people trying to get their 30 years in with no hope of making BG,
  14. If my memory serves me correctly, the dual rails are 108 inches apart, that is for the wheels. Above that I think the limitation is 123 inches for the cargo compartment. Rg Glenn
  15. It has bee n 30 or more since I have been on C-130's but they may have you calling the engine start when you go thru Engineers School, but when MAC took over in 74 they went to a silent checklist. At least that is what I remember of the situation. Rg Glenn
  16. Don were you around when Engineers were actually trained to talk to their engine. Call the engine start. Do you remember in SEA. when you called mabe 15 or 20 starts a dya??? Rg Glenn
  17. Congrats, but you know it's still along way to go, to get the star and awile longer to get the toilet seat. If I remember I think it take 10 combat missions or 3 years to get your wings, permanently. Rg Glenn
  18. While we are on the subject of colorful characters, Whispering Ruben Cole, the only man who learned to whisper in a Saw Mill. When he called the C-130 engine start, you didn't need a headset, to hear him when you were stand, outside. In fact you could b a couple of airplanes away. Rg Glenn
  19. Well the Mrosla Brothers, DJ and Dewy, DJ is completely retired, and Dewy is flying Corporate. I think they are classmates of Bob Daly. I flew alot with DJ in the 50th, I think Glenn Durger is the one who finally married BB, but anyway, I saw her several times in my apartment complex, in Taichung. We also have another character living around here. Arne. He came to CCK in 1969. Rg Glenn
  20. If I remember, Nam Phong had all aluminum taxi ways. No concrete anywhere,except the runway. Rg Glenn
  21. I think the worst was the CB's, Chow Hall on Diego Garcia, back when they had that 3,000 ft crushed coral strip. Rg Glenn
  22. Quit complaining Muff, it helped get your ticket punched for Chief. I was at Clark when the transition came. I came from 141's and I liked the aircrew bill of rights you had in MAC. When MAC took over, you had a lot of grumbling, and rightly so, for some operations, but that aircrew bill of rights was a good thing, they couldn't just call you up at O dark thirty and tell you had to go fly a pilot trainer. A lot of old TAC heads like that one. They had to give you 12 hours notice. Glenn
  23. Casey Some of those C-5's your crewing now, Need it. Rg Glenn
  24. I think there was only one Blu-82 dropped. I was sitting at Utapao, The 21st Sq, had several crews on alert at that time and I was one of them. At that time, the Sq Comander Lt Col Jack Randal. called us into the Sq. declared us in crew rest. We went out an configured the aircraft with litters and flew to Utapao. Rg Glenn Secrest
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