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  1. Why not go fly by wire with a cable and pulley back up like the C-17?
  2. Our General confirmed what we thought was just a rumor. Since Pope already has hangers built for the J, the AF is planning on taking the J-s that were going to Dobbins and ship them to us at KPOB and send our H2's to Dobbins. He sad it just has to get approved by congress. They said it would save a lot of money since they would not have to build anymore buildings. Anybody else hear anything about this?
  3. Been around for a long time.
  4. Pope is the last place you want to go for FLT hours and experience. Been here for a few years now and have nothing to show for it.
  5. If you want to stop by Pope and take a gander let me know. I'll take you out to a H2.
  6. The rails that hold pallets in. I know maint can remove them on the pre-J models.
  7. I am assuming it's the same as other models. What is the max width a piece of rolling stock can be? With and without the dual rails installed. Also the max width before the wheel well. Thanks.
  8. Got any info on that AMP deal. Keep hearing it's going to be along time for that to happen from higher up's. Hoping it comes sooner rather than later.
  9. I have been at Pope for about 2 years. I live in Lillington/Buies Creek. About 28 miles one way to the base. Lot more people moving out here because of all the new Army "BRAC" moving this way from GA. It's peaceful and worth the drive. No city taxes either. I assume you're going to the 2nd. If you will enjoy the SQ CC. He takes care of his folks and care about the non-fliers as much as the fliers. Since the reserve guys go home no later than 2300 every night that's the latest you would normally ever have to work. Pretty slow tempo right now and it's not all that bad here as long as you don't live around Bragg.
  10. The other Yokota birds are in the sand.
  11. Did it for 10 years on the 17. Sucked but we made it happen.
  12. Just missed out on 4000 hours on that thing before I went to herks. Man I miss it. I know the die hard herk folks won't understand but 17's are combat proven now and so capable.
  13. We have 9284. We finally get a trip off station for today and 284 canceled that for us. Broke all the time. It might as well not even be here.
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