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  1. About right. Nowadays it seems to be unit dependent but its mostly aux ground loading ramps, some extra straps, seatbelts, TPRS, Y cables, and other small stuff. Not much big stuff gets chucked up there anymore and I think most birds have the truck loading ramps removed (from the ramp area sidewall) CONUS for weight/fuel savings. Those things are HEAVY.
  2. Per the -5, and -9, with 10 seat belts (no limit on number stowed, 1.5lb/piece), y-cables at 3lb (no published weight), the ramp and door guard assembly at 5lb (no published weight) and TPRS at 10lb (no published weight), I read right around 335lb total. Mind you, there were two weights for the ground loading ramps (124/84lb a pair), and troop ladders (32/27lb a pair) in which I used the heavier weights.
  3. Rest In Peace Dan. Never had the privilege of meeting you in person, but as taken from your help on here, I know you were one heck of a guy and will be missed sorely. "And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of God"
  4. Very interesting. So familiar, yet not. Thanks for the info!
  5. Okay, help me out here. Why are the sidewalls on this bird so slick?
  6. So far as I know, 211 RQS has HC-130's...
  7. 164AS/179AW no longer operates herks...changed to C-27J's
  8. Yessir! BL 0 is centerline, so "BL 15L" is 15" left of centerline. The treadways take you to BL 50L/R
  9. If it looks questionable, I'd measure just to be sure. Double checking only takes a few seconds. Treadways are 35" wide starting from BL 15L and BL 15R from the buttline 0 (center).
  10. Thought I recognized that number. I got a flight on her when I was in the schoolhouse earlier this year. I had heard some not-so-positive comments on it but it flew just fine for us. Loud, dirty, and slow just like any other self-respecting Herk.:cool:
  11. Does 1855 have the commander's tail flash?
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