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Japanese Herk


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I got a picture from Don Rogers of a Herk with a strange paint job. Maybe for Japan. Anyone got any knowledge of it?



Old Japan Coast Guard scheme...

WIKI PAGE on the Japan Coast Guard. Note the tail flash on the Herc to the JCG logo.

Don't think the JCG uses the Herk anymore though. A modified DHC-8-300 is their workhorse now with a fleet of around 30 aircraft.

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Interesting to see both a scanner window up front, and a scanner door in the paratroop door position. Also, the scanner window looks like the add-ons we did with the CG 1700-1704 tails.

During the Air France search, I noticed in some photos Brazil still uses the old scanner doors.

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I, personally, think it's a very good artist's rendition of what the Japanese or Lockheed might have wanted. The reason I say this is because the airplane depicted is a -20 model and (1) the Japanese don't fly any -20's, only C-130H's and (2) No -20's were ever manufactured or modified with that type (or any type, as far as I know) APU.

Don R.

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