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Lesson Learned

Dan Wilson

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Well guys, anybody that knows me, knows that I am the last person on earth to harp about PPE, BUT-----

If your working on an old house, pulling down the plaster, removing the insulation, digging out rats nests,dead birds, dead bats etc.....


Right now I am down to about 40% lung capacity due to stuff mentioned above.

Seems like I came down with Histoplasmosis about a year ago, which untreated is fatal,and I have had it undiagnosed for the last year.

Just now starting a 12 month course of meds (nasty ones too) to try to get rid of this crap so well see where this leads.

This is the primary reason I have been missing the last couple of months.

Now I make sure to wear my PPE when I am working on the place, even if it does feel cumbersome and dorky

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Dan, you learned a bitter lesson, and am glad you are passin' it on to others. Hope they see what can happen. The current breathing apparatus worn by firefighters weighs about 25-30 pounds, more or less.It is awkward, bulky and a pain in the ass, BUT when you consider what all is in the smoke, dust and so on at a house fire, it is a small price to pay for protection. i was religious about usin' the damn thing, but there were times when maybe I should should have kept it on longer,. You never know. Sure hope you are successful with your treatment. Please keep us all posted. You probably have quite a struggle on your hands, but, brother, you have a lot of people out here rootin' for ya! Right guys??????????????????????


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